Kathy Wright R.N.

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Due to a lot of media attention (television and news articles), microblading has become the buzzword in the permanent makeup tattooing industry. 

But buyer beware. There are many schools popping up across the country offering weekend courses. Without adequate training and knowledge of anatomy, wound healing and sterilization, we’re seeing horrible results that often cannot be fixed. 

I just returned from the biannual “Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals” convention. After a couple of years of this procedure being the trend, many clients are back to requesting a soft powder fill. Over time the lines of microblading blur and you end up filling them in. I will add a few hair strokes here and there, but in the long run the powder look looks more natural. I don’t think you can convince anyone that microblading strokes look like hair.  

Plus, what do we do when our brows become sparse?  We add pencil or powder. We don’t draw lines in our brows. 

There’s no doubt, there are some professionals that do beautiful work, but be sure you research that they’ve had the required minimum of 100 hours of training before you proceed.  

Here is an article from the SPCP that you may find useful as well.Type your paragraph here.